Pre-Construction Appraisals


While many think of an appraisal being prepared only on an existing home, this is not always the case. Most, if not all, homes built with the aid of construction financing in today’s market require a pre-construction appraisal. This assures the lender that the home being built will be worth the money being borrowed once the project is finished. Clayton County Home Appraiser has the experience and expertise to complete your pre-construction appraisal.

This appraisal is prepared, as the name implies, prior to the construction of the home. Typically the owner will have selected a building site as well as a set of plans and specifications for the home prior to applying for the loan. Upon application, it becomes the responsibility of the appraiser to appraise the subject property in accordance with the plans and specifications provided by the owner, assuming all work will be completed. Knowing this information beforehand can save an individual from over extending his/her resources.

A pre-construction appraisal from Clayton County Home Appraiser will help you decide if you can build the house of your dreams or purchasing a home off the market is a more viable option. Building a new home is stressful enough; by getting a pre-construction appraisal from Clayton County Home Appraiser, you can eradicate the risk of not knowing if your proposed home will be worth as much as what it will cost to build.  We will be happy to explain the appraisal process up front, as well as personally speak with your builder.  When the report is finished, we’ll also go over it with you to answer any questions you might have.

Clayton County Home Appraiser continues to be Clayton County’s top pre-construction appraisal provider year after year. We have the experience and qualifications to handle all of your appraisal needs.